Tears of the Moon –Haiku on the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima


Tears of the Moon

Haiku on the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima

Father Eric Freed 著

2021年1月 発行

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・  The Beginnings (Prologue), Table of Contents, The Haiku
・  Chapter 6


This anthology covers Ms. Hiroko Takanashi’s Haiku(Japanese poetry), translated into English by Father Eric Freed who was a Priest in Santa Rosa, California.
Hiroko was bombed in Hiroshima and had kept her tragic experience inside herself deeply for a long time, but at the time of the 50th anniversary of the atomic bomb, she bravely confronted her sad memories and wrote down 11 Haiku.
Father Freed happened to meet Hiroko through mutual friends. He believed that her Haiku, filled with the feelings of atomic bomb victims, would touch the American people. He decided to put them into English, and included a completed explanation of each word’s meaning, background (such as the fact that many young students were killed by the bomb), and Hiroko’s thoughts which he had heard while walking around Hiroshima together.



The Beginnings (Prologue)

1. The Haiku (List of Hiroko’s Haiku and initial translation)

2. Hiroko Takanashi (A story of a Hiroshima survivor)

3. Eric Freed (The teller of this story)

4. Guide for the Pronunciation of the Haiku

5. What are Haiku

6. The First Haiku

  “The atomic museum, the cries in the heart’s ears, the scent of the lily”

7. The Second Haiku

  “Of the river of death, the distant atomic memory, a thousand cranes”

8. The Third Haiku

  “On memorial stones, the names of young girls, the tears of the moon”

9. The Fourth Haiku

  “On the backs of my eyelids, the scenes of that day, the ceremony of peace”

10. The Fifth Haiku

  “The atomic memory, makes off with souls, dawn clouds”

11. The Sixth Haiku

  “The empty shell of the cicada, possessed by the souls of atomic victims,early evening moon”

12. The Seventh Haiku

  “The atomic bridge, under which flow the candled paper ships, deeply solemnly”

13. The Eighth Haiku

  “Two hundred thousand souls, bobbing up and down, ah candled ships”

14. The Ninth Haiku

  “Of the candled ships, the trip to fudaraku (paradise), now a bombed river”

15. The Tenth Haiku

  “Tossing and turning, recollections back and forth, the atomic memory”

16. The Eleventh Haiku

  “Setting roses in place, I turn my back to the atomic site, a summer morning”

Street map of Hiroshima city



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